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Laura Bomar, CPE
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I am a member of both the American Electrology Association and the Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal and hold the designations of CPE and CCE.
As a native Tennessean; I am a graduate of Hendersonville High School and Austin Peay State University.

I attended two schools of Electrology to receive training and become a skilled Hair Removal Specialist and TN Licensed Electrologist. You can be assured that when you come in for your treatments you are getting your permanent hair removal services from an experienced, qualified professional.

Your comfort, safety, confidentiality, and successful treatment are my top priorities. I adhere to the highest standards for privacy and sterilization.

My grandmother was greatly influential in my life, and it is to her I owe the life changing introduction to Electrolysis. In the 1950's she had her first electrolysis treatments, and when she turned 93 she wanted to get touched up. Visiting her one day I found her sitting at the kitchen table with the biggest smile on her face. She told me she "went and had her hair done". That moment set me on a path to becoming an Electrologist.

Over and beyond the required education to gain licensure, I've earned the designations of Certified Clinical Electrologist and Certified Professional Electrologist. My next step after gaining licensure and certification was to seek out independent study and mentorship with leaders in the electrolysis field; studying with the best across the nation. Collaborating frequently with colleagues ensures I'm always up to speed in my small and elite profession. Electrolysis is permanent hair removal and probably the only time a No hair day is a Good hair day!

Now, thanks to my grandmother, I'm a successful Electrologist helping others rid themselves of unwanted hair. I'm living my best life as the proud owner of Wild Hair Electrolysis.

I have a wide range of passions that keep me satisfied when I'm not permanently slaying hair.

Road tripping is one of my favorite things to do. I've driven Route 66, seen the World's Largest Pistachio, been to the Very Large Array on the day the satellites changed formation, driven the Appalachian Trail, experienced an October sunrise in Acadia and enjoyed pancakes in Vermont. I appreciate the good nature our country has to offer by visiting state and national parks often. Other loves I have are painting on canvas, sewing a new pattern, kiln firing glass, and expanding my garden.

I'm a member of the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce and Dekalb County Chamber of Commerce.

If there's anything else I could add it's that I absolutely love being an Electrologist!

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Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal (SCMHR) Member of Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal (SCMHR)
The Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal, Inc. (SCMHR) is an international non-profit organization with members in the United States, Canada, and abroad. SCMHR supports all methods of hair removal and is dedicated to the research of new technology, allowing our members to offer cutting-edge, safe, and effective hair removal procedures to their clients.

Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce Member of Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce
The Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce sets the standard for excellence in membership services, community alliances and business growth and development within the Hendersonville area. We connect business with customers, suppliers and important community issues, advocate for our broad and diverse members to create a climate of growth, promote business through a variety of marketing activities to the community and member to member, and support members through education, recognition and business assistance.

Dekalb County Tennessee Chamber of Commerce Member of Dekalb County Tennessee Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber of Commerce promotes DeKalb County as a great place to locate a business or industry. We are striving to improve the quality of life here and inform visitors and newcomers alike about the businesses in our county and to promote local residents to Shop at Home.
The Chamber works with the county on the Three-Star re-certification efforts in order to attract more business and industries and to be eligible for more grant opportunities.

Other Credentials

Wild Hair Electrolysis can help you eliminate unwanted hair caused by PCOS and hirsutism

Electrolysis for PCOS & Hirsutism

PCOS affects 1 out of every 10 people with ovaries, many of whom go undiagnosed. For diagnosis and treatment of PCOS, you will need to see an endocrinologist (hormone specialist). For the unwanted hair, the solution is electrolysis.

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Have you been told you were not a good candidate for laser or ipl treatments due to your skintone? Electrolysis treatments at Wild Hair Electrolysis work for all colors of skin.

Electrolysis for Dark Skin

Dark skin is a challenge for some hair removal methods, but not for electrolysis. If you've heard that your skin tone means that you are not a candidate for hair removal treatments, then you need to speak to an electrologist.

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Hormonal fluctuations and changes can trigger unwanted hair growth. Luckily electrolysis hair removal treatments from Wild Hair Electrolysis can permanently eliminate those unwanted hairs

Electrolysis for Hormonal Changes

Hormones fluctuate due to age, pregnancy, medical conditions, and even some medications. These fluctuations can cause unwanted hair growth. Electrolysis can help.

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Wild Hair Electrolysis can help you eliminate embarrassing unwanted hair.

Electrolysis for Teens

As teens are coming into their own, facial hair and body hair suddenly sprouting in unwanted places is a big problem. Electrolysis provides a safe and permanent solution.

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Electrolysis is nearly pain-free hair removal even on the most sensitive of areas.

Electrolysis for Sensitive Areas

The breast area is especially prone to ingrown hairs. Repeated tweezing , shaving, and the tendency to wear tight-fitting bras and other clothing over this area, can contribute to hairs being trapped beneath the skin. Electrolysis can safely and gently eliminate hairs in these sensitive areas.

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Wild Hair Electrolysis can help you eliminate unwanted hair caused by PCOS and hirsutism

Electrolysis for Coarse, Curly or Wavy Hair

Curly and coarse hairs are more prone to become ingrown or cause raised bumps on your skin. These types of hair are often associated with darker skin tones, resulting in fewer options for safe and effective hair removal. Fortunately, electrolysis - the only permanent hair-removal method - works on all skin tones and all types of hair.

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Nothing compares to the confidence you feel knowing that your unwanted hair is gone for good.

Electrolysis for Men

Some men just naturally have too much body hair for their own sense of style or their partner's aesthetic taste. If you're not someone who cheerfully puts up with a time-consuming hair maintenance routine, you've found the permanent hair removal solution for men: electrolysis.

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Wild Hair Electrolysis can give you a competitive edge by removing unwanted hair

Electrolysis for Athletes

Friction, chafing, tape - there are many reasons why athletes opt for hair-free skin. Electrolysis provides permanent hair removal, so you can spend less time shaving and more time training!

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